iPhone Software Release

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HK Road Info 香港道路實況


HK Road Info allow you check Hong Kong traffic information easily. You can view traffic snapshots provided by Hong Kong Government easily. You can also set the favorite snapshots that you always check.


Calculator 4 - iPad Edition

Calculator 4 - iPad edition give you a nice calculator with fancy user interface.

Miss your iPhone Calculator? Calculator 4 - iPad Edition is a full featured scientific calculator that performs exactly what you want.


Parking Timer for iOS 4

Parking Timer is a timer that counting your parking time.

* Two Modes
- Meter mode, it is a count down timer for parking meter. The app will remind you when meter is nearly expired.
- Carpark mode, that records your start time, and the app will remind you per hour.

* Features Highlights
- No internet connection is needed except the Google map feature
- Alarm
- Photo capture to remind you where your car is located

Calc XT for iPad


Calc XT is a full feature scientific calculator for iPad. It turns your iPad into a life-size realistic calculator. In landscape mode, a memo pad is also available that you can jot note easily.

- Most scientific calculator features.
- Automatically save states while application quits and restore while application restarts.
- Different output mode. Normal, Scientific, Fixed, Engineering Mode.
- Memo pad, with pen, highlight and eraser.

Math Fever for iPhone/iPod Touch


Math Fever is a game that trains your mathematics. Use +, -, ×, ÷ and 4 numbers to compose a result of 24. e.g. (3+3)×(9-5)=24, or 9+9+7-1=24. You must use all 4 numbers.

- Single player mode: play against time. Train your brain.
- Multiple player mode: 2-4 players. Play with your kids to teach them the joy of mathematics.

Code Scan for iPhone


Code Scan is a QRCode scanner that you can use your camera to scan 2D QRCode. It allow you to share contacts between your iPhone without using any network connection.

Text Upside Down for iPhone/iPod Touch


Text Upside Down 是一個簡單的工具,幫助你做出倒轉的英文。輸入你想傳送的英文, Text Upside Down 便會把它變成倒轉的英文。


  1. 輸出英文字。
  2. 按右上方的 "Copy",倒轉的英文便會複製到剪貼板。
  3. 離開程式,到短訊,電郵,twitter或IM。在輸入的地方長按然後選擇"貼上, 倒轉的英文便會輸入到輸入的地方。

搭港鐵精裝版 for iPhone/iPod Touch 發佈


This small application is dedicated to Hong Kong people and travelers to Hong Kong.

  • 選擇港鐵起點及終點站, 小程式會顯示乘車時間, 最短路綫及車費。
  • 點取“時鐘“圖示會顯示首班車開出時間。
  • 可用兩個方法選擇車站:
    1. 點取起點“S”及終點“E”圖案。程式會顯示港鐵路綫圖。請放大地圖, 尋找車站的位置, 然後點取車站。
    2. 點取起點及終點欄位。程式會顯示港鐵站清單以供選擇。
  • 可選擇顯示成人, 特惠車費。
  • 無須上網。
  • 支援中文及英文。


簡易羅庚 for iPhone 3G[S]

Chinese Compass



Chinese Compass Screenshot