Text Upside Down for iPhone/iPod Touch


Amaze your friend by sending inverted text message or SMS to them.
Text Upside Down is a simple tool that help you writing inverted text. Enter the message that you want to send, and Text Upside Down will convert all alphabets to inverted one.

How to use:

  1. Enter your message.
  2. Click "Copy", inverted text will be copied to the clipboard.
  3. Quit the application and go to SMS, email, twitter client or IM client. Click and hold on the input area and select "Paste". The inverted text will be pasted to the input area.
  4. IMG_0072.png

Comments :

Text is deleted from facebook

Text is deleted from facebook comment after you leave the page. No good if the text won't stay there!

Upside down text

No one can recieve the upside down text that I'm sending. Is there something wrong with this app..I'm using an iphone

Some carrier will filter out

Some carrier will filter out non-English characters in SMS. or the phone in another side didn't have the font needed.


Works fine when sending text to an iPhone.
Tried texting to other phones ie Nokia,
Blackberry e.t.c. The text is sent as scrambled,
as blocks, unknown symbols e.t.c.

Nice App

Nice App, I've actually sorta been wanting something like this. Currently I go to Upside Down Text in my browser on the IPhone and just copy that text, but having an upside down app is a whole lot easier then going to a website. Thanks.