Google 提供新的免費同步服務,可以與 Google Calendar 同步

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Google 提供新的免費同步服務,可以與 Google Calendar 同步,用家可以把 Google 上面的聯絡人和日程資料同步到 iPhone 上。

Google Sync 會利用 Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol 同步,當在 iPhone 上設定新的 Exchange 戶口時, iPhone 上的聯絡人和日程資料會全部銷燬,所以試用前謹記先做備份。


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convert the Palm data to Iphone

Dear Water : Could you advise any software or option could convert Palm address book to Iphone ? if i'm not willing to use Outlook , Yahoo & Google ? many many thanks !!

You are using Mac or PC? The

You are using Mac or PC? The easiest method is to sync your Palm data through Pocket Mirror to other PIM like Outlook. Actually, I have written a PC utility to convert a Palm account in Palm Desktop to Outlook when I move my data from Palm to Windows Mobile. See if I can still find it from the trash...

convert the Palm data to Iphone

i'm using PC , Because a certain virus was attack Mircosoft software , i just afaird if convert data to Outlook or express , my information will be explore to the internet , that's my quires how could convert such data to Iphone . Beside , i have 900 address within Palm and 400 e-mail address in Outlook , after converting those data , both info will be combine & i need to manually adjust one by one . Any chance or advise could skip this nightmare ? Many Many Thanks !!