Calc XT for iPad


Calc XT is a full feature scientific calculator for iPad. It turns your iPad into a life-size realistic calculator. In landscape mode, a memo pad is also available that you can jot note easily.

- Most scientific calculator features.
- Automatically save states while application quits and restore while application restarts.
- Different output mode. Normal, Scientific, Fixed, Engineering Mode.
- Memo pad, with pen, highlight and eraser.
- Copy to pasteboard or mail the memo.
- Click on the digits display area to copy the value.


Comments :

Please update

I just purchased the calc xt and I use % option all the time which doesn't work. Please fix.

What's the problem?

What's the problem?

CalcXT needs a backspace key

CalcXT needs a backspace or delete key to correct mistakes. The number entered should also be editable as text according to the usual iPhone/iPad text selection rules.