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Google Maps for iOS 2.0 offline map

Google Maps 繼 Android 版更新後終於也推出 iOS 版,最重要當然是支援iPad了。

當 Android 新版更新時,用家最大問題是投訴沒有了離線功能。於是 Google 便用彩蛋把這功能加回來:

最有趣是,原來這個功能在 iOS 版也是適用的:

首先只要把地圖 zoom 到你想離線使用的地方,但注意不可以太大的。

然後在 search Bar 的地方打入 "ok maps"

之後程式便會把資料儲存在 device 裏面,然後你便可以離線應用這個地區的地圖了。



Google mainland china service availability

Google provide us a handy page that show which google services are blocked by GFW in China:

How to sync multiple calendars to iPhone from google account

If you are using Google Sync service to sync your calendar to iPhone:

You may find that only the first calendar will be sync to iPhone. If you want to sync more than one calendar:

1. Visit ,the reason add "hl=en" at the end of the link is that it seems there is bug in the web that it only works in English language. It also didn't work in


Money from Google

After almost a year, finally receive the payment of AdSense from Google. Although the amount is so small that event cannot cover the cost of the data center, it is amazing that I can earn from Ads especially my website is not that popular.


GMail push email official from Google, and FREE

Google have launched there free Google Sync service, that is a Microsoft activesync service for gmail.

However, in the previous version it only supports sync for contacts and calendars, that without email sync. Last week, they upgrade their service to support gmail sync. Since iPhone support push notification on active sync email account. It automatically add push notification support to your gmail.

To use the service, simply setup your gmail account following their instruction:

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