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HP ProLiant N40L Micro Server

因為需要一個 Time Machine Server 便考慮買一個 NAS,才發現原來現在4-BAY NAS 十分之貴,ARM CPU 的也要二千多,INTEL BASED 的更加要六七千。於是入手這個 HP ProLiant N40L Micro Server 作 NAS 用,機價大約千八。

Create WebDAV on apache2 for web development

Generally, in web development, we will create a local server in our development machine and run it locally. If everything works fine, we will transfer to production server through ftp, ssh or rsync. But recently I need to do some web programming that need to test it directly on the production server. So I create a WebDAV service in apache so that I can open files in the product server from my desktop just like a local drive, that allow me to edit files in the server easily using any development tools.

DD-WRT v2.4 SP1 is released

DD-WRT, my most favourite custom firmware for wireless router, released the new version 2.4 SP1.

If you don't know, DD-WRT is a free custom firmware for many brands of wireless routers, that add many advanced features to the router. e.g., ssh, samba, printer sharing, multiple ssid, wds, wireless bridge, traffic control...

zip file corrupted when downloading file using Internet Explorer from apache server

Recently a client compliant that download a zip files from my website and got file corrupted error.  After did some testing, I found that the problem happened on in Internet Explorer only, and the file downloaded is several bytes shorter than the one on the server.  And the zip file on the server is not corrupted.

Then I remembered that I did some changes on the apache server setting recently. and I suspected that it caused by the mod_deflate module of the apache. If I disable this module, the zip file can be download correctly without corruption.

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