Math Fever for iPhone/iPod Touch


Math Fever is a game that trains your mathematics. Use +, -, ×, ÷ and 4 numbers to compose a result of 24. e.g. (3+3)×(9-5)=24, or 9+9+7-1=24. You must use all 4 numbers.

- Single player mode: play against time. Train your brain.
- Multiple player mode: 2-4 players. Play with your kids to teach them the joy of mathematics.

Code Scan for iPhone


Code Scan is a QRCode scanner that you can use your camera to scan 2D QRCode. It allow you to share contacts between your iPhone without using any network connection.

Joy Camera for iPhone preview

Joy Camera is a streamlined application that help you to take impressive snapshots in one application. You preset your own settings and then take photos. No need to add effects one by one. JoyCamera provide massive effects that make your photos stand out. Joy Camera also come with built-in social media upload function that you can finish the whole process of taking pictures to uploading in one application.

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Lunar Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch is updated to v2.02


  • Add 2010 Hong Kong Holiday

Text Upside Down for iPhone/iPod Touch


Amaze your friend by sending inverted text message or SMS to them.
Text Upside Down is a simple tool that help you writing inverted text. Enter the message that you want to send, and Text Upside Down will convert all alphabets to inverted one.

How to use:

  1. Enter your message.
  2. Click "Copy", inverted text will be copied to the clipboard.

Chinese Compass for iPhone 3G[S]

Chinese Compass

Chinese Compass is a simple Chinese feng shui compass, including a leveling tool.

Chinese Compass Screenshot

Big Two for iPhone/iPod Touch 1.5 is updated

Big Two Icon

- New icon, artworks and new sounds
- Game mode added. Play against points, money or number of matches
- Now no need to disable sound effect for iPod musics
- Don't force to play top card if the next player have only one card. However, if the next player win because the player didn't play top card or pass, player will be penalized.
- Various Bugs fixed.
- Fine tune A.I.
- Select different deck.

Spell Number's easter egg code is changed

Spell Number is updated on 1.04 and the easter egg is changed.

Google provide free sync service to sync with Google Calendar

Picture 10.png

Google announce another beta service that allow users to sync their contacts and calendars in Google Calendar to iPhone.

Google Sync uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. When setting up a new Exchange ActiveSync account on your iPhone, all existing Contacts and Calendar events will be removed from your phone. Please make sure to back up any important data before you set up Google Sync.

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