Lunar Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch is updated to v2.01

Lunar Calendar

  • New user interface
  • Show birthday in contacts


Comments :

Cannot display the red circle

I found my calendar event cannot display, it should show a red circle and will display the detailed when you press and hold the date. Do you know why, many thanks.

Currently only birthday in

Currently only birthday in contacts is displayed in red circle.

add a 'TODAY' button

Please consider adding a button to get back to current day.

Hi, click on the title will

Hi, click on the title will open a dialog and "today" button is over there. Moreover, you can double click the title to return to current day. The reason not to make today button in the main view is to simplify the user interface.

Suggestion: add "Week Number"

Suggestion: add "Week Number".

Good idea, will make it in

Good idea, will make it in next version.

The Calendar is indexed by

The Calendar is indexed by western calendar months, I am wondering whether there can be an option to index the Calendar by lunar month. Technically, it should be feasible, but may take some time, but this will be a nice feature, especially for those traditional people in/from rural area.


If you mean the birthday

If you mean the birthday index function, it will be done in coming version.

Index by Lunar Days and Month

Index by Lunar Days and Months, instead of Western Months, Days and Weeks.

Say, when I open the interface, I would like to see Lunar Month (from 1st to last day), and in each day, I would like to see western date.

If the calendar can swap the two modes: index by western dates and index by lunar dates, it will be the best.

Lunar dates in english numericals

I downloaded the lunar calendar on my Iphone.
I was wondering, if it is possible to have dates of lunar calendar in english numericals, because I do not read chinese numericals, but use lunar dates.

The Chinese words are

The Chinese words are actually something about moon phases, I am planning to have an option to show this information graphically, for people who dunno Chinese.


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