Lunar Calendar for iPhone/iPod Touch is updated to v2.02


  • Add 2010 Hong Kong Holiday

Comments :

Birthdays and version no.

Hi Water,
The birthday highlight feature is great! Wonder why Apple didn't have it in their calendar!
However, can you display more than just one name? Otherwise it would defeat the purpose of the reminder.
BTW, there's no version number found in info page. Not sure which version I'm currently using.
Looking forward to your new version!
Thanks for your effort!


Hi! Thanks for this nice utility.

I just want to know why is the mid-autumn festival for this year placed on Sept. 23 instead of 22? I'm not sure about the other holidays, but this is the only one I checked and noticed.

Wish there's also a way to ZOOM in the calendar, it's sometime hard to see the characters for us with vision problem. Again, thanks.

Hi, Sorry, it is because I

Sorry, it is because I copy the description of the holiday from the source few months ago, that describe the holiday as "Mid-Autumn" but it actually is "Next day of Mid-Autumn", that the description is wrong. The date of the holiday is correct. Lunar Calendar is my very first iPhone app so there are many bad design in it, I will totally do it again later.

lunar calendar as iphone calendar replacement

dear sir,

as i see that your application can actually read birthdays from the iphone native calendar database, i would like to suggest that you can modify the application such that all entries of the native calendar database can be displayed, then user can replace the iphone built-in calendar with your calendar application which shows the lunar date. (btw, you might want to change the app icon to a more generic calendar icon ^^)

the application is really easy to use and well written. thank you for your hard work!

thanks again.

The birthday date is read

The birthday date is read from the contacts list, that currently iPhone OS provides APIs for this. However, iPhone OS didn't provide APIs for Calendar yet, so cannot read entries from Calendar.

How do I select the language?

I thought you could select the language (Chinese or English)? I cannot figure out how to do that.

The language is selected

The language is selected according to the default language of your iPhone/iPod Touch.

English User interface

Under Settings>General>Language, my settings are and always has been
English. The User Interface of the Lunar Calendar is Chinese. Is there another place to set "English" that I'm not aware of? Or is it some other problem? This is a pretty helpful application if it is in English. Otherwise it would be a shame if I had to delete because I can't read or use the Chinese User interface. Useful input as to what the problem is and how it can be resolved would be much appreciated. Thanks.

May be you are taking about

May be you are taking about the lunar date. Yes, it will be always in Chinese because there are many Chinese terms that I dunno how to translate in English.

lunar calendar

when most english speakers see lunar calander, we think that the calendar will be labeled for when there is a full moon, and other moon phases.