Joy Camera for iPhone is now on AppStore!!!


Joy Camera is a streamlined application that help you to take impressive snapshots in one application. You preset your own settings and then take photos. No need to add effects one by one. JoyCamera provide massive effects that make your photos stand out. Joy Camera also come with built-in social media upload function that you can finish the whole process of taking pictures to uploading in one application.

♢♢♢♢♢ How to use Joy Camera ♢♢♢♢♢

✎Before taking picture:
1. Think what you want to take, choose your desired effects for your picture. You can stack more than one effect.
2. Choose the frame you will use for the photo.

✎During taking picture;
1. Select the aspect ratio or other photo mode, rotate your iPhone for portrait or landscape.
2. Compose your photo, you may need grid lines to help you for composition.
3. Press the camera button.

✎After taking photo:
1. If you enable "add description", edit the description for your photo. At the same time the application is already processing your picture so that the image processing time is not notiable.
2. If the application is working, the red light be be flashed. You can wait for it, or you can start to take another picture at the same time.
3. When the light is green again, you can review your picture, and it is already saved to your camera roll.
4. If you like to share it, simply use Twitter,Flickr and Facebook to share your photo in the preview window. No need to quit the application.

♢♢♢♢♢ Feature List♢♢♢♢♢

✔ 4x Digital Zoom
✔ Normal, Wide, Square aspect ratios
✔ 4-in-1 Picture
✔ Anti-shake mode, continuous mode, timer mode, repeated timer mode.
✔ 13+ Stackable filters. B&W, sepia, contrast, saturation, posterize, blur, sharpen, HDR, LOMO and more... and more is coming
✔ Most filters are customizable. Filters are also stackable for your limited creativity
✔ 15+ Picture Frames
✔ Add stamp on the picture
✔ Add description on the picture
✔ Grid
✔ Leveling Tool
✔ Can select focus point in 3GS
✔ Multi-threaded design, you can compose and take another picture while the previous picture is processing
✔ Different picture sizes from small to original
✔ Picture preview view
✔ Copy or email picture
✔ Direct upload picture to Twitter, Flickr and Facebook



Comments :

Love this app BUT...

I love, love, love this app! The only issue I've had is that after a certain point the app will simply quit. When I restart it and try to take a picture it quits again. I've deleted and reloaded this app several times now. I love it enough to put up with it but would love for this issue to be corrected.

Hi, What's the model of your


What's the model of your iPhone and is it jail-broken or not?


I like this application very much. The only problem is it doesn't geotag the taken photos, as far as I know. Is there any plans on supporting this feature? Thanks!

Hi, yes geotagging will be

Hi, yes geotagging will be available in various way in the coming version.

Thanks for your answer. I'll

Thanks for your answer. I'll get the full version then :)