Big Two for iPhone/iPod Touch gameplay



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any chance of Guan

I love Big Two and you easily have the most pleasing graphically and gameplay wise version among the four or five versions on the app store. I really really really like Guan (2 player Chinese card game) that is similar to Big Two but yes has a few differences. The current Guan in app store is nice and all but doesn't have 2 player wireless. Water, do you plan to offer a Guan game with 2 player wifi or maybe bluetooth when 3.0 comes out?

Hi, yes I am working hard on

Hi, yes I am working hard on the multiplayer mode on Big Two. 拱豬,鬥地主 and hearts are also in my list. But actually although these games are similar, the A.I. is quite different, so it will take some time to implement.