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Eclipse and Macbook Pro Retina

By default, eclipse doesn't support Retina display of new Macbook Pro that all text in Eclipse is pixelated. Actually Eclipse support Retina display but you have to enable it manually.

1. Do "Show package contents" on the
2. Edit Contents/Info.plist using your favorite text editor. Just above


Place this:


Macbook Air 2010 11 吋,XCode, Eclipse, Photoshop 不專業速度測試

說真的,我很少給電腦做 benchmark,只要我覺得暢順就可以了,我相信大部份人也是。於是,在未幫新 Macbook Air 做個 review 之前,讓我們看看新 Macbook Air 可不可以辦到我想要做的東西?

Expiry of the Debug Certificate error in Eclipse Android development

Just got this error from Mac version of Eclipse with Android SDK while compiling an android application.

To solve the problem, simply go to ./android and delete debug.keystore. The key will be expired automatically after one year of usage and you have to delete the old key so that new key will be created automatically.

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