Camera Connection Kit for iPad 入手

[Chinese only]

等了兩個星期的 Camera Connection Kit 终於送到了,感謝好朋友幫手從美國記過來,因為聽說香港已經炒到六百多元了...


How to type emoji in iPad

You can input emoji on your iPad without any secret tricks or both non-jailbroken or jailbroken iPad. Here is the instruction:

Use UIGestureRecognizer to handle single tap and double tap

Below the code to use UITapGestureRecognizer to handle single tap and double tap. The code is designed that it won't fire single tap event if we got double tap event. The trick is use requireGestureRecognizerToFail to ask the single tap gesture wait for double tap event failed before it fire. So when the user tap on the screen, the single tap gesture recognizer will not fire the event until the double tap gesture recognizer. If the double tap gesture recognizer recognize the event, it will fire a double tab event and skip the single tap event, otherwise it will fire a single tap event.

Cut Mini SIM to Micro SIM

Just got the 3G iPad for my friend. So I try to see if it works with Hong Kong carrier but cutting normal Mini SIM card to micro SIM. The contact point of my SIM card is different from the AT&T micro SIM card that is a little bit larger. To cut it, I just follow the size of the micro SIM of the AT&T card. The size is to tight that I need to cut the cut such that three sides of the contact points reaches the edge of the card.

原廠 iPad Case

(Chinese only)

這是姐姐從美國買回來的 iPhone case,比起 docking 我覺得這個 case 比較有用,因為大部份時間我的 iPad 也是在 landscape mode 的而 docking 只可以在 portrait 擺放。

Percent in Calc XT for iPad

In my new iPad app Calc XT, some users complain that the percent key of the calculator behave wrongly. For example:

200 + 50 % = 200 + 100 (50% of 200) = 300

but currently:

200 + 50 % = 200 + 0.05 (50% = 0.05) = 200.05

My implementation is actually correct that is similar to most scientific calculator. It converts the value by dividing the value to 100. But the first expected value is also understandable, that is absolutely useful for calculating money matters like margin.

Therefore, we add a new option "Percent" in next version of Calc XT:

My iPad gallery


iPad 開箱

[Chinese Only]

得好朋友幫忙,在美國訂的 iPad 終於送到香港了,總共來了五部,當然我只有要了一部,其他的也是幫網友買的。全部都是最便宜的 16G 版本。

Google mainland china service availability

Google provide us a handy page that show which google services are blocked by GFW in China:

How to sync multiple calendars to iPhone from google account

If you are using Google Sync service to sync your calendar to iPhone:

You may find that only the first calendar will be sync to iPhone. If you want to sync more than one calendar:

1. Visit ,the reason add "hl=en" at the end of the link is that it seems there is bug in the web that it only works in English language. It also didn't work in


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