See emoji keyboard in notes but not other apps

If you can see emoji keyboard in notes app. Congratulations, you have enabled the emoji keyboard. But some users set they can't use it on other apps. You can try the following fixes:

1. Reboot the iPhone, iPod Touch. Long press the power button, slide the slider to turn off the phone completely. Then press the button again after the screen is off to turn it on again.


iPhone 4 相片集

iPhone 4 開盒,盒子又比上一代細了,可能是要方便水貨商。

Huawei 華為 E583C Pocket Wifi

早前出席了華為 Huawei 的blogger 聚會,當聽到是關於 3G Pocket Wifi 的產品便一口答應了,主要是想幫自己的那部 Wifi 版 iPad 找一個 3G 上網方案。利益申報,聚會上每一個 blogger 也得到一部 pre-production 版 E583C (這我事前是不知道的 XD)

華為 E583C

dd-wrt PPTP VPN Setup

To setup PPTP VPN on dd-wrt

In Services-> VPN-> PPTP Server:

PPTP Server: Enable
Broadcast support: Enable
Force MPPE Encryption: Enable
Server IP:
Client IP(s):
CHAP-Secrets: user1 * pass1 *
user2 * pass2 *

where client ip stores what IPs will be assigned to the client. In the above case, the server will assign to The subnet can be different to the NAT in the server (192.168.1.X)

CHAP-Secrets stores the username and password for the logins, multiple accounts are supported.

Clear location service object in resign active

Since iOS 4.0, I am aware freeing unnecessary object when the application is in inactive state so that the app can free up as much memory as possible. So in one of me location based app, I try to free the location service object when it is inactive:

- (void)applicationWillResignActive:(UIApplication *)application {
self.locationService = nil;

Charge your iPad using USB port on your PC

If you are PC user, you will feel frustrating that you cannot charge your iPad through the PC's USB. I've thought that it is the hardware limitation of PC, but I was wrong. After install this ASUS ai charger:


You can now charge your iPad using the USB port of your PC. The software even claim it will charge iPhone and Ipod Touch faster that I didn't test. The software is not limited to ASUS motherboard, I successfully installed and used on my Foxconn motherboard without any problem.


[Chinese only]


例如,如果尖沙咀去羅湖,原本八達通票價是 $34.8,但如果在粉嶺或上水先出閘再入閘,車資便是$11+$19.5=$30.5了,可以節省 $4.3!

* 以下資料以電腦計算,並不確保資料正確。



[Chinese only]


DIY iPad/iPhone 筆

(Chinese only)

比起 iPhone,iPad 我大畫面真是很適合用來畫畫。但是用手指畫好像還是不大舒適,不如大家DIY一枝 iPad 和 iPhone 也可以用的 stylus 吧! 材料只需要:

1. 3M 清潔海綿。
2. 一枝筆桿。選擇筆桿是最難的,我認為有幾個要素:
- 筆桿最好是金屬的,其實 iPhone stylus 的原理是把身體的電容經過筆桿再經3M 海綿傳到 touch screen,如果筆桿不是金屬,你便要在筆桿繞上金屬線和手接觸。
- 筆頭的孔最少要有5MM,或可以改裝到5MM,以給海綿通過。
- 筆頭最好是膠的,因為海綿之後就是筆頭,如果是金屬的碰到 touch screen 便不太好。
3. 一條電線。

這是我買的海綿,注意一定要3M的,其他的不保證可以。3M 藍色和粉紅色的海綿也可以。我買有百潔布的是因為它比較平。

Sell you own book in Apple iBookStore

If you are a writer and want to sell your book on iBookStore that people can read on iPad and upcoming iPhone with OS 4.0, check this out:

that Apple guide you how to sell books on iBookStore. Basically you will need the ISDN of your book and your book in ePub format.

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