IDEOS's ADB USB Driver for Windows

UPDATE: Just found that when the IDEOS is connected, a 7M drive with title "Mobile Partner" will be mounted to the computer that contains the device driver of the phone. So just install the driver in the folder will be fine.
If you want to use IDEOS as a development device, you will find that there is no device driver for this phone even you update the android SDK to the latest version. The IDEOS actually works on MacOSX or Linux as a development device.

Huawei 華為 U8150 IDEOS Android 2.2 Phone 短評

Huawei 華為 剛在香港發佈最新的 Android 2.2 手機 IDEOS U8150,以最平 smart phone 之名發售,開售價是 HK$1880。

IMG_9841.JPG IMG_9864.JPG

iOS 4.1 Field Test 測試接收訊號

iOS 4.1 於九月九日已經發放了,原來之前關閉掉的 field test 功能又回來了,有什麼用呢? 它可以更準確地告訴你電話的訊號強弱,而不用用那個小小的訊號圖示。

在電話打出 *3001#12345#* 然後按 CALL
在電話打出 *3001#12345#* 然後按 CALL

UIScreen and scale

I was dealing with handling retina display in a project. According to the programming guide, I should change whether the screen is retina display or not by checking:

[[UIScreen mainScreen] scale]

that if scale is 2.0 it is retina display, if it is 1.0 it is normal display.

According to the document:

It should be available after OS 4.0. So I assume that:

[UIScreen respondToSelector:@selector(scale)]

無國界醫生,"衝突.求生" 貨櫃展覽

一直對無國界醫生這個組織十分尊敬的,一班原本可以悠閒生活的醫生走去前線做義工,以他們的專業救助生命 (其實無國界醫生也不只是只有醫生,還有其他崗位),我自己覺得比起其他自願團體多一重意義。


iPhone 4 bumper + 山寨殼使用後感

蘋果免費送的 bumper 終於送來了,基本上只是一舊膠。如果和香港常見山寨機殼比,二佰多元的 bumper 是否物有所值?
Bumper front Bumper back

Pull down to refresh table view

An easy way to add twitter like pull down to refresh function to any table view. No dependency to other libraries, only include the 4 source files and 1 resource file to use it.

How does it work?

Disable Java Auto Updater

If you've installed java in your Windows, the java will automatically run an auto update periodically. If you are using Vista or Windows 7, the annoying UAC will prompt you every time when the system try to run the auto updater. To disable this, edit the registry:



DIY iPhone stand

Easily turn your useless credit card to an iPhone stand


UIGraphicsBeginImageContext and retina display

To support retina display, you need to set the scale of UIImage correctly. If you use UIGraphicsBeginImageContext to create offline image, you should use UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions instead to set the correct scale of the image. Below is the help function that will call with correct scale according to the scale of current device and will use the old function if the OS version of the device is below 4.0 that UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions is not available.

To use the code, simply replace all UIGraphicsBeginImageContext with RetinaAwareUIGraphicsBeginImageContext

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