Big Two for iPhone/iPod Touch 1.5 is updated

Big Two Icon

- New icon, artworks and new sounds
- Game mode added. Play against points, money or number of matches
- Now no need to disable sound effect for iPod musics
- Don't force to play top card if the next player have only one card. However, if the next player win because the player didn't play top card or pass, player will be penalized.
- Various Bugs fixed.
- Fine tune A.I.
- Select different deck.







Comments :

auto pass bug

one more thing... when i accidentally select a card to play too fast and double tap on it instead, the game auto-passes for me.


this is the one game that i play most often. excellent! the upgrades for options were good. my wife and i are pretty competitive so it would be good if you could add in a top 10 scoreboard for the different game options so we can look to beating each others record!

instead of scoreboard. I am

instead of scoreboard. I am working on online play. But that will take some time to make this feature :)

Big Two incompatibility with iphone 3gs (s/v 3.0.1)?

bought game from itunes store a few days ago. app downloads to itunes 8.2.1 (6) on macbook. but somehow it cannot sync to iphone. tried multiple deletes + downloads, using macbook and iphone. tried resetting iphone. no go.

fyi, some other software bought from itunes store can sync.

1) incompatibility between the software and iphone s/v 3.0.1?
2) any proposed solutions?

any clarification/help would be much appreciated. TQ

Hi, you probably set the

Hi, you probably set the restriction in your iPhone that not allowed to run program rate 12+. Try to change the setting and try again.

nice! 4dwn


a possible bug

首先想講, 個Game好好玩,我已經上癮。

不過我搵到個bug, 有時候當新一局開始時,唔知點解派都未派完,啲AI全部就已經pass曬。但係派完派後個game又唔比我出牌。 此情況唔係成日發生,不過都幾煩,大家有冇遇到?



a screen capture

我能夠再一次 simulate 這個 bug 而且亦作了一個 screen capture. 但是在你的 "Contact us" page 中找不到你的 email address, 所以不能send 給你。 要是你需要這個 screen capture 請給你提供你的 email address。

Please email to

Please email to Thanks.

Sent you two screen shot.

Sent you two screen shot. Please check.

Thanks, will check it and fix

Thanks, will check it and fix it asap.